How To Wake Up Excited About Your Work!

It feels SO GOOD to wake up eager and excited to get after it with work, right?!

But how does that happen because I know that a lot of us experience the opposite. You may wake up dreading doing the work, or feeling scattered and all over the place, and don’t know where to start.  In those times, what happens is procrastination, avoidance, and unorganized “doing” without producing anything good. Ugh…those are not the fun times.

I’m going to give you a few tips on how to create a solid foundation and organization for to stand on so you can feel the excitement for tackling that to-do list.  Before I share them though, I want you to imagine a super messy kitchen. Now, imagine that you need to go in there and make dinner, but there are dirty pots and pans everywhere, the dishwasher is still filled with all the clean plates, and you forgot to shop for all the ingredients you need.  On top of it, you’re now reconsidering what you want to make for dinner.  

How do you think that cooking experience is gonna go?  Would you want to deal with that situation? Nope. You’d probably scrap the whole idea and go pick up some take out.

Now think about a super clean kitchen, organized and neat.  It’s well stocked with all the items you need to cook, because you planned it all out and bought everything ahead of time.  You’d be excited to get in there and make your meal; it would be easy to do, and you’d have such a sense of connection and accomplishment after making it.

Think of your business and marketing tactics the same way!  If you don’t have any organization, forethought, or a plan, it’s gonna be overwhelming and a mess to even figure out what to do.  You’ll probably fall back onto some small task to accomplish that doesn’t even feel great after you put it out there. Or you may even get stuck completely and not do anything at all.

BUT NOW…  You can put a plan together, gather all the “ingredients” you need, and get organized so that each day you are prepared. You’ll know exactly what you need to do, and it’ll feel easy and fun to put your content out into the world.

So, here are the tips for WAKING UP EXCITED!

  1. Connect to your WHY – Ask yourself “why” it’s important that you do this work.  Once you get the answer, then ask yourself why “that” (insert your first answer) is important to you.  And keep going like this until your HEART feels connected so strongly that you know you’ll want to wake up for that mission every day.
  2. Build a SOLID FOUNDATION for your business and brand.  Know your audience inside and out so you can speak powerfully to them.  Know your brand identity and how it looks, feels, and sounds, so you can easily create content.
  3. GET ORGANIZED!  Make a plan. Create content ahead of time.  Put it into a calendar and/or use some project management software to help you stay on top of it.  You can even assign yourself dates to post certain things. 

Doing these things will set you up powerfully and with a strong connection to what you’re up to in the world, as well as why it’s important.  You won’t be walking into a messy kitchen without a plan. You’ll have a path and you’ll LOVE it, and that will give you the sense of excitement everyday to GET AFTER IT!!!

If you need GUIDANCE in making this happen, you’re in the right place, as that is what I do best.  I will help you create that foundation, and give you the tools to get it all organized. I also love to bring in my coaching expertise to bring out even more authentic connection for you, so your heart is in everything you do.  Book a call to get started free.