We spend so much time going through life on auto-pilot, and a lot of times it almost feels like we’re living OUR life for other people!

When does it get to be your turn to take control of the steering wheel? And what would it feel like if you could show up powerfully in your life while looking around, thinking “I love this”?

Maybe your life feels a bit chaotic at times and you can barely keep up…but I want to give you the opportunity to STOP, DROP, and ROLL (…so to speak).

“STOP” = We’re going to take some time to press pause on the things that normally just run on auto-pilot…

“DROP” = Take a deep look into EACH and EVERY AREA of your life to survey the current scene…

“ROLL” = Then allow YOU to put together the VISION of what you want to create…with a full fledge plan on how to get there.

This is an ultimate assessment of where you’re at, and where you want to go…while delivering the steps that will help you get there, which all come from YOU – so it feels empowering and exciting!!!

Some RESULTS You Can Expect

  • You’ll discover areas where your spending time and energy that are NOT benefitting you, and be able to REDIRECT that energy to the places that give you the most excitement and passion, resulting in a sense of revitalized energy for your life.
  • You will gain ultimate clarity of your own personal path to achieving a full life that you love…knowing how you’ll get there, and what it will FEEL like along the way, so you can measure the progress with specific milestones.
  • Clarity + Action = Manifesting Results. When you get clear in your mind and body (creating the energy inside of you of already achieving the results) then the Universe delivers everything you need to achieve it out in the world. So, we’ll get you into that space in your body, while giving you the aligned steps to take, in order to make your goals a reality.
  • This tool will be yours to use whenever you want! It’s a powerful exercise to have in your pocket whenever you want to stop and assess your life direction, and step in the driver’s seat for creating the life you want.

I normally do this within my full empowerment coaching program… However, I know the power of simply doing this one process as a way of pushing pause on “life as usual” and rebooting to a new program! I am offering this process for a limited time, as a break out from my full package for those who want a powerful shift in their life, but may not have the time and resources for ongoing coaching. This is one of my most powerful practices with my clients in shifting their love and excitement for life!

If you are interested in creating power for yourself as the new driver of your life, please REGISTER HERE

How It Works

3 Sessions of coaching (via phone or in-person depending on location) – one week apart

(You will have homework to complete in between sessions. This is important for the work to be effective, so I will trust that you will take this seriously and do the work)

– Session 1 – Intro and survey the scene of all areas (2 hours)

– Session 2 – Review all areas (current status) and set the vision for each (1-2 hours)

– Session 3 – Create the action plan to set you up for success (1 hour)

Fall Special Pricing: $495

Ongoing coaching with me can be added on after, if you would like to continue our work together. I love supporting people in creating powerful lives that they love, and my mission is to empower you with the tools to live that way (on your own). (So, my goal isn’t to keep you in coaching…it’s to give you the tools to empower yourself). But, I will work with you as long as you’re still gaining something and we’re a good fit.

If you’re ready to re-ignite your life today – REGISTER HERE

We will set up your payment and your book your first session as soon as you’re ready! I can’t wait to meet you and support you living an amazing life!


Wake Up EVERYDAY To A Life You LOVE…