Creative Consulting: Branding and Strategy

Uncover new power and clarity in the Branding and Strategies of your Business or Personal Brand.   

Our Goals:





First things first – Let’s build a SOLID FOUNDATION for your Brand, so that anything you create from this day forward is clear, comes easily, and is always ALIGNED!

We’ll find new ways of presenting and promoting you or your business, with creative and innovative ideas for Branding, Marketing, Content, and Business Development (such as new products, services, offers, and other ideas).  We make sure to dive deep into who you are serving, because the best way to promote, is to speak to what your customers most desire.  We’ll also do an exercise to connect YOU deeply with WHY you are doing this work, and WHY it matters to your customers.  (This creates some juicy, heart-centered connection between you and your work…and it’s powerful.)

Breathe new life into your Brand, through powerful creative and innovative ideas that hit home with your target market, exactly where they are looking for you.

What You’ll Get . . .

  • Guidance & Consultation

  • Creative Idea Generation

  • Design Alignment

  • Strategic Plan Development

  • Partner Implementation and Roll Out

Specializing In These Areas . . .

  • Vision & Mission Development - A Powerful WHY

  • Authentic Branding

  • Powerful Messaging & Content Strategy

  • Multi-Channel Marketing Plan

  • Product / Service Innovation & Expansion

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Jen is a master of helping people identify, clarify, and understand WHY they align with their work and how to use that to speak to their target market.
Before working with her, I was stuck trying to talk to two types of client in the same way… and it just wasn’t working. She held an incredible space for me to dive deep and bring to light the knowledge I had about my customers (and I didn’t even know I had it!). It was fun, enlightening, and powerful. With the knowledge I gained, I was able to map out two new products types and I know immediately when communicating with potential clients which is best for them! It also means I’m not wasting my time talking to the wrong person or selling them something that isn’t in alignment. She is engaging, creative, insightful, and impactful!

I could relax into this project, rather than it feeling daunting or feeling overwhelmed, because Jennifer was at the helm, leading the way.

I am so grateful for Jennifer’s expertise, care and attention to detail. Jennifer really values the work that she does. She made the journey to receive clarity on what I have to offer and how to offer it, through asking clarifying questions, easy, fun and creative. I felt seen, heard and valued in the contribution I am here to offer. Jennifer is very succinct, clear and eloquent in her manner, which brings comfort and ease to this huge body of work we undertook. Jennifer has a very personalized approach, which I loved in working with her. As an artist, Jennifer can see the end product from the blank canvas, thereby choosing colors, fonts and images that connect everything together.  I love Jennifer’s enthusiasm and confidence in my offerings to the world. How its look was just as important to her as it is to me. I now have something that I can continue to work with as my work evolves and expands.