About JQ

I want people to have access to their greatest ideas . . . because, with CREATIVITY – ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!”

Hi . . . I’m JQ!

My hope and dream for the future is that the world can continue evolving for the better through brilliant ideas.  I mean, that’s what I believe we need right now.  Brilliant Ideas! Ones that will bring change to old and broken systems, and others that will solve big issues that the world is facing. 

We NEED creativity now, more than ever!

Creativity has changed my life.  At every crossroads, I had to dig deep to find a new way of thinking or acting in order to have something new in my life.  Creativity is how I launched new businesses, and helped others do the same. Creativity is how I’ve helped companies find new ways to promote themselves and cut through the clutter.  And I’ve been the channel of creativity through art for over a decade.

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